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Warehousing and storaging of goods under customs control

We offer you a licensed temporary customs warehouse, equipped with everything necessary for the storage and control of goods.

We take care of all the documentation related to the stay, loading, and later the transportation of the goods. Learn more about our "Customs Representation" service and what you earn if you take advantage of it.

We guarantee you expert, secure, transparent and expeditious assistance under flexible conditions, tailored to your own necessities. We understand the crucial role of documenting, warehousing and organazing your goods and the key impact it has for your bussines.

Why should you trust us with the customs warehousing of your shipments?

An excellent, licensed warehouse base for temporary and permanent customs warehousing, additional forwarding services and experts who are involved in the layout and submission of all necessary documents every step of the way - we provide you with a complex service under flexible conditions.

What does the "Warehousing and storaging of goods under customs control" service include?

Preparing and submitting documents for warehousing and receiving customs clearance.

Organization of activities such as loading, unloading, consolidating and separating lots, tracking the avaliability of the stock.

Ability to store foreign and domestic goods in temporary storage spaces, under customs supervision and under special financial and regulatory conditions. It helps you be more agile in the ever-changing market.

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