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Customs services

Customs representation - Export

If you export products to countries outside the EU, you must declare this to the Customs Authorities. You don't have to charge VAT on these goods, but you must have proof that the goods have left the EU.

Excise representation in front of the Customs Authorities

Management and monitoring of tax warehouses.

Filling out excise documents and declarations

Monthly monitoring of other excise facilities.

Customs representation - Import

When importing, economic operators pay import duties on goods entering the European Union from non-EU territories. If the goods are destined for the EU, you must declare them in front of the customs authorities.

  1. Release for free circulation – One of the most common customs procedures is the release for free circulation of goods imported into the EU. You must declare your goods in front of the Customs Authorities in order to determine the customs duties that you will have to pay.
  2. Simplified Customs Declaration – In this procedure, an incomplete customs declaration for import is filled out and declared on the basis of an invoice or other commercial document that is not final. A final import declaration is submitted subsequently. Avaliable when granted а permit for import under a simplified procedure.
  3. Permenent and Temporary Customs Warehousing – Goods from outside the EU can be warehoused under the “Customs Warehousing” regime so that the duties on the goods are not immediately paid. This regime can be an advantage in certain cases, as well as in the eventual event of re-exporting the goods outside the EU.
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